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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Changing the feel of Guided Reading....

    I hope you are finding this website helpful!  We wanted to develop a place where teachers could go to have an easy resource right at their fingertips.  The changes we have seen in children as readers after implementing these ideas has been amazing!  If you have any questions, suggestions, thoughts, or comments please don't hesitate to ask!  We are all learning as we go!

Happy Reading!


Megan Simmons said...

This is very exciting! We are all learning from each other and as we try new things. Sharing ideas only increases the impact we make on our district, schools, and students.

I have found this year's benchmarks to be much more meaningful since using meaning, structure, and visual to identify students' strengths and needs. I'm excited to see how reading groups progress along already having this information to get them started.

Kerri Longmire said...
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Kerri Longmire said...

I am so excited to hear you say that Megan! It's really about looking at their processing and helping them put strategies together to be able to use them in a more meaningful way.

Benchmarking is a very meaningful tool if you know what to do with it. You have taken on this new learning in such a meaningful way. I'm very proud for you and Laure both! Your lens will continue to change as your children grow. Just remember to let them lead so you can facilitate their learning!

You are so right about sharing ideas and learning together. As we collaborate with one another, we are able to think out of the box for those most challenging hard to reach children.

Paige said...

Hey guys--I accepted the link you sent and it added me as a contributor! While I totally don't mind contributing, I don't think you really want me as an author on your site! :) I am excited for this year and the opportunity to use this site to help me teach my struggling readers!

Kerri Longmire said...

Welcome Paige! I'm sure that you'll have a lot to offer in this blog. I think the purpose is to have many contributors so that we are able to have many ideas.